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January problems #2 Quarantine- How to create a stay-at-home spa day

It’s not a matter of ”if“ but “when” we will each find ourselves in quarantine this winter. When that happens be prepared with a self-care, stay-at-home spa day plan. Here are a few tips for nurturing and pampering yourself from head to toe when you are stuck at home.

1. Put on your comfy clothes (obviously)

By now we’ve all surely acquired an extensive stash of comfy clothes and pajamas, being 2 years into this pandemic. My wardrobe is 90% multipurpose athleisure wear.

2. Use aromatherapy throughout your space

Spritz your linens with our Peace Out Pillow Spray

If you have a diffuser try this blend of essential oils:

eucalyptus 2 drops

peppermint 2 drops

rosemary 1 drop

Now is the time to use your AromaRx rollers

3. Prioritize nutrition and hydration.

Sip tea. Lots of tea. Stay hydrated.

Have a stash on hand of a variety of herbal, black and green teas. My favorites are echinacea, chai, red rooibos, chamomile and matcha. Make a pitcher of ice water with cucumber, lemon and mint. Aim to drink half of your body weight in ounces. Your skin will glow.

Take advantage of this time to make healthy, nutrient dense meals.

3. Give yourself a facial

Wash with a gentle cleanser.

If you have a facial steamer now is the time to use it. Next, use your favorite mask. Rinse off. If you have an LED light mask use it.

Then apply your favorite serum, followed by applying face oil or moisturizer and massaging with a gua sha tool.


4. Establish a bath ritual

Put on your robe and slippers. I love a luxurious, fluffy spa quality robe. I prefer 100% high quality cotton terry. (I have a thing about certain microfibers, they make too much static).

Play your favorite soothing music and light some candles.

Hang a Do Not Disturb Sign on the door.

Add bath salts. What does your body need?

Irritated, dry, winter skin? Sleepytime Soothing Bath Milk will lull you into a deep relaxed state with Lavender and Vanilla essential oils, while colloidal oats and coconut milk nourish and heal.

Congestion? Clear Head Therapeutic Bath Salts will soothe irritated airways and alleviate stuffiness.

Body Aches and lack of energy? Apres Sport Therapeutic Salts alleviates soreness and stimulates circulation with eucalyptus and cypress essential oils.

After bath while your skin is still damp, apply body oil or body butter. Take the time to massage in thoroughly. Don’t forget about your hands and feet!

You won't be stuck at home forever. Take advantage of this time to unwind, unplug and take care of YOU!


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