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We believe in creating therapeutic skincare and aromatherapy products that awaken the senses, nurture the skin, and bring our bodies into a natural balance.


Our formulas are designed to be in harmony with the natural environment. We use organic ingredients whenever possible. Our products are vegan, except for those that contain beeswax or honey, and all of our products are cruelty free, never tested on animals. What you put on your body is equally as important as what you put in it.  We use no artificial, toxic or harmful ingredients. You can feel confident in the safety of every ingredient. Our small batch manufacturing process ensures the highest quality and freshness.


Two Dried Leaves


Hi I'm Michele! Founder of BodyRx, Formulator, Mother of 2 and full time Physician Assistant.


After 20 years of making handcrafted aromatherapy and bath products for myself and as gifts for others, I set out on a mission with my daughter to make simple products to sell for a holiday fundraiser. After three years of success, we had year-round requests! We wanted to expand, but, as a full-time Physician Assistant in Emergency Medicine, I wasn't able to take on a full-time venture.

Then the pandemic happened. I had more time to reflect on what was important to me and how I could dedicate more of my time and energy to what better resonates with my own wellness.

Working in the Emergency Department during a pandemic, it became important for me to come home to a clean, healthy and safe environment. My after-work ritual became taking a hot shower with eucalyptus and lavender lotion, spritzing rosewater on my face, and then getting into clean, crisp sheets, feeling refreshed and calm.

I realized how essential these self-care rituals are to everyone's well-being—cleansing away the negativity and stress, and renewing our vital energy. I hope these handcrafted formulas, each with a therapeutic purpose, will make your life better every day, in simple yet profound ways.


 Michele and Ava

meet the founder
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