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Benefits of Anhydrous Moisturizers

What is an anhydrous moisturizer? One that is created without the addition of water. Lotions, while they can be beautifully crafted, require the addition of emulsifiers and preservatives. In fact, most are are 80% water! Now I’m not anti-lotions, but I do want to convince you to consider adding anhydrous products to your skin care regime.

Body oils, butters and balms that are formulated without addition of water, emulsifiers and preservatives have a much higher concentration of nutrients in the purest form. Often people with sensitive skin react to emulsifiers, stabilizers, or preservatives in the product. If you are one with sensitive skin, consider ditching the lotion and opting for one of our body oils or butters.

”But won’t it just make my skin greasy?”. Well, not if used

correctly. You see, our skin needs both hydration and protect against transdermal evaporative water loss (TEWL). So first you need to hydrate the skin. This can mean applying a water based product such as a hydrosol or mist, but more basically, just taking a bath or shower. Next, it is very important to apply the body oil or butter while skin is still damp. This locks in the moisture and provides a protective barrier.

Our body oils and butters are made with the highest quality carrier oils and butters, formulated with a balance lipid profile to provide maximum

nourishment and protect the delicate microbiome of the skin.


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