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Our AromaRx Rollers are formulated therapeutic grade 100% pure essential oils diluted in jojoba oil.  Designed to deliver on the spot remedy whenever you need it.   


Head Straight blend alleviates headaches, fogginess and mental fatigue.  Use whenever you need to clear your head  and focus.  






Head Straight AromaRx Rapid Remedy Roller


Apply to pulse points on wrists and neck, can also use on feet, chest, or back.  Inhale deeply.







Caution: For external use only.  Avoid face and eye contact.  If ingested contact poison control center.  If irritation occurs, stop use immediately and wash off. Keep out of reach of children.  Children aged 6+ may use sparingly with adult supervision.  Do not use if pregnant, nursing, under age 6, or have a medical condition without first consulting your doctor.

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